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The 1st Kew Joey Scouts are our youngest members who start from the age of 5. This is the first section of the Scouting journey and the 1st Kew Joey mob meets at 5.30pm each Thursday evening.


Our aim for our youngest members is to nurture a deeper understanding of the world around them, with a growing awareness of their surroundings and nature, by getting out and about in the community.  It’s all about discovery and excitement in a fun and safe environment.



Like all scouts our Joeys can also earn badges through their activities. Our Joeys take part in lots of games both indoor and outdoor, have lots of learning experiences such as bring a pet evening and learn about the environment by planting our own garden, lots of excursions and hikes to explore, express creativity through lots of craft activities and socialise with other Joey mobs.


We learn social responsibility by taking care of our local park and take part in many community activities such as Anzac day or visiting our local fire brigade!


Joey Scouts Badges 2.jpg

There are four challenges that the Joey Mob can undertake together to obtain their Badges.

  1. The Buddy Challenge is to encourage two Mobs to visit each other and share an activity.

  2. The Adventure Challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout's life experiences through visiting places their Mob doesn't usually go to.

  3. The Caring Sharing Challenge is to encourage caring and sharing within their local community and the Environment Challenge is to encourage caring for their local environment.

  4. The Promise Challenge badge is aimed at the older Joeys where they are encouraged to gain a greater understanding of the Promise and Law, and to learn about our founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell (BP) and the history of Scouting.

Further information on Joey Scouts Badges and Awards is available through Scouts Victoria.

Chaminda Ranasinghe.jpg
Chaminda Ranasinghe


Chaminda was first a parent helper and now an assistant Joey leader at 1st Kew. He was a Cub in Sri Lanka and a Scout, then Venturer with 1st Macleod here in Melbourne, where he achieved the Gold Star and Adventurer Cord. The Ranasinghe’s are very much a Scouting family as Chaminda’s sons are a 1st Kew Joey and a 1st Kew Cub while Chaminda’s wife helps out with the Committee.

Marge Currie



Marg first became a Cub Scout leader in Lockington in 1967 before moving to Kew in 1969 and the Camberwell South District in 1970 where she was District Cub leader and later,  District Commissioner from 1975 to 1989. Marg has been District Cub Leader, District Leader Training, District Commissioner, and District Leader Development since 1995 and acted in various leader positions in many other groups.

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