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At Kew & Richmond Venturer Unit, we strive to grow outstanding young leaders who have a strong sense of purpose and are empowered to make a positive difference. Established in 2018, our Unit is comprised of young people aged 15 to 18 from across Melbourne and from all walks of life. 


Venturers is a mix of fun and adventure, providing vital breathing space while you're dealing with your toughest years in school. You can focus on friendship and personal growth, while picking up valuable life skills along the way.


As a Venturer Scout, you may find yourself exploring wilderness Australia, camping in the snow or diving on coral reefs. You could find yourself starring in theatre productions, or even participating in high-stakes cooking competitions. You don’t need any previous Scouting experience - we'll help you catch up.


We have a team of dedicated and highly-experienced Adult Leaders who are there to support us through all endeavours. Venturer activities include action-packed camps, adventurous hiking expeditions, international travel, and lots of water activities.


The Venturers Award Scheme is based on personal achievement and recognition. You have the opportunity to earn nationally recognised vocational qualifications in leadership and outdoor recreation skills.


The Queen's Scout Award, the highest award for Venturers, is so highly respected that several universities recognise it for entry purposes.

Would you like to join?



Contact 1st Kew Scouts to learn more about the volunteer opportunities now available.

Chris Molnar
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